December 21, 2005
For Immediate Release

This December 3rd and 4th, Neal Auction Company presented their greatly anticipated annual Louisiana Purchase Auction™. Showcasing the American South, the Louisiana Purchase Auction™ offered fine antique furnishings, fine art, and decorative objects that stimulated great interest. The two days of bidding resulted in auction sales totaling over $3.54 million including the buyer’s premium.

Neal Auction Company was pleased to feature property consigned especially to this important annual auction by many discerning collectors. This included art from the Collection of the Walter Anderson Family; property descended in the family of Jacques Philippe Roi de Villere, the 1st Native Governor of Louisiana; and property descended in the Baldwin/Legendre/McCall family of New Orleans. Also featured was property from the Natural History Collection of Louisiana Governor John M. Parker (1920-1924) that descended in the family; property from the family of Kentucky Col. Edmund H. Taylor, founder of Old Taylor Whiskey; property from a distinguished Gentilhomme of Acadiana; and property deaccessioned from The High Museum of Art, Atlanta.

Furniture from the American South excelled, as highlighted below. A Cherrywood and Cypress Armoire (lot 438), c. 1785 achieved $49,937.50, while a rare 18th c. Louisiana Cypress Armoire (lot 421) found in Natchitoches realized $41,125.00. Lot 303, a fine late 18th c. Chippendale Walnut Tall Chest found in Leesburg, VA, fetched $22,325.00. A Louisiana Cherrywood and Cypress Table (lot 471), c. 1800, found in Opelousas, brought $20,562.50; and a Southern Late Classical Carved Mahogany Tester Bedstead (lot 183), c. 1820, realized $17,625.00. Lot 196, a 19th c. Federal Inlaid Cherrywood Sugar Chest from Central Kentucky achieved $14,000.00. A rare Stanilaus Fournier Regulator Clock (lot 451), mid-19th c., New Orleans, sold for $12,925.00.

Other American furniture also performed well. Herter Brothers, New York, lots included (lot 329) a rare Inlaid and Painted Rosewood Cabinet, c. 1870, selling for $80,750.00; (lot 858) a fine Neo-Grecian Rosewood and Marquetry Sofa, c. 1865, fetching $11,162.50; and (lot 330) a late 19th c. Egyptian Revival Carved Rosewood Armchair for $7,637.50. An important Rococo Carved and Laminated Rosewood Center Table (lot 838), c. 1850, attributed to John Henry Belter, New York, achieved $78,000.00. A mid-19th c. Renaissance Carved Walnut Figural Hall Stand (lot 841), possibly Mitchell & Rammelsberg, Cincinnati, brought $19,387.50; while an important Carved Rosewood Bedstead (lot 835), mid-19th c., realized $16,450.00. Late Classical items included a carved Mahogany “Campeachy” Chair (lot 415), c. 1840, that sold for $10,868.75, and (lot 302) a fine Mahogany and White Marble Center Table, c. 1820-1830, attributed to William Hancock, Boston, that fetched $8,812.50. Also, a very fine Classical Mahogany Three Part Banquet Table (lot 158), early 19th c., realized $15,275.00. A pair of Late Federal Carved Mahogany Games Tables (lot 400), c. 1815-1825, New England, brought $11,750.00 and an early 19th c. Federal Inlaid Mahogany Butler’s Desk (lot 403) sold for $6,168.75. Lot 873, a good pair of Neo-Grecian Carved and Gilt Pier Mirrors, mid-19th c., achieved $9,400.00.

Of the standout English pieces, lot 836, an important Late Victorian Mahogany and Marquetry Corner Wardrobe, c. 1880, labeled E. Shaw and Sons, Bradford, realized $17,625.00. Other English furniture included (lot 391) an Antique Highly Carved Mahogany Tall Case Clock in the Chippendale Taste, late 19th c., selling for $15,275.00 and (lot 585) a fine Edwardian Paint-Decorated Satinwood Carlton House Desk, c. 1910, for $6,756.25. Lot 351, an Antique Gilt-Bronze Mounted Kingwood and Rosewood Bureau Plat, 19th c., brought $9,400.00; and lot 560, a monumental Empire Giltwood and Peinte Pier Mirror, early 19th c., realized $11,456.25. Also, (lot 334) a good Venetian Carved Walnut Figural Armchair, 19th c., sold for $8,225.00.

Fine Art from the American South achieved exceptional results. Significant oil paintings include Andres Molinary’s (American/New Orleans, 1847-1915) signed "Lake Shore" (lot 423), 1886, 17 1/2 x 30 in., realizing $94,500.00. A couple of signed paintings by William Henry Buck (Norwegian/New Orleans, 1840-1888) were (lot 424) "The Wooden Bridge: Louisiana Bayou Landscape", an oil on canvas, 18 x 30 in., bringing $102,750.00, and (lot 407) "Cows Grazing under the Live Oak, Louisiana Bayou", an 1884 oil on board, 6 x 12 1/2 in., selling for $54,050.00, both in period frames. Robert Grafton’s (American, 1876-1936, active New Orleans, 1916-20) signed oils: "St. Louis Cathedral-New Orleans"(lot 204), 30 x 24 in., fetched $76,350.00 and (lot 725) "Laundry Day in the Courtyard, French Quarter", 24 x 20 in., in a period Art Nouveau frame, brought $47,000.00. "Scene on Bayou St. John" (lot 443), a signed oil by August Norieri (American/New Orleans, 1860-1898), 22 x 30 in., in a period frame, realized $49,937.50. The two Joseph Rusling Meeker (American, 1827-1887) signed paintings were (lot 485) "Near Lake Maurepas", 1881, 16 1/4 x 22 1/4 in., fetching $44,062.50 and (lot 486) "Louisiana Bayou", 1881, 13 3/4 x 22 in., for $25,850.00. Adolph D. Rinck’s (American/New Orleans, b. c. 1810) signed oil, "Portrait of Jean-Baptiste Armant, Sr. (1776-1854)" (lot 412), 1841, 37 1/2 x 29 in., in a period frame, achieved $27,025.00. Lot 744, "Interior of Antique Shop, Rue Royale, French Quarter", a signed oil by Alberta Kinsey (American/New Orleans, 1875-1952), 21 1/2 x 19 in., realized $16,450.00.

A notable William Aiken Walker (American, 1838-1921) was "Cabin Scene with a Large Black Family" (lot 313), a signed oil on academy board, 9 x 12 in., that brought $29,375.00. Harold Rudolph’s (American, c. 1850-1883/4, active New Orleans, 1873-1883/4) signed oil on board, "At Sunset: Indians on the Hill" (lot 428), 12 x 18 1/2 in., in a period frame, sold for $16,450.00. Signed oil on canvas boards by Marie Atkinson Hull (American/Mississippi, 1890-1980) included (lot 785) "Biloxi Boats", 22 x 28 in., fetching $8,812.50 and (lot 786) "The Farm, Mississippi", 21 x 25 in., for $10,281.25. Lot 688, "The Wedding", a monogrammed Clementine Hunter (American/Louisiana, 1887-1988), sight 11 1/2 x 15 1/2 in., realized $3,290.00. Ellis Wilson’s (American/Kentucky, 1899-1977) signed “Bananas” (lot 754), c. 1950, an oil on canvas on paperboard, 20 x 24 in., achieved $10,281.25. Works by Walter Inglis Anderson (American/Mississippi, 1903-1965) performed well including (lot 742) "Portrait of James "Mac" McConnell Anderson, Brother of the Artist", an oil on canvas, 26 x 19 in., that brought $61,500.00 and (lot 735) "Four Blue Chickens", a watercolor on paper affixed to canvas, c. 1945-46, 60 3/4 x 19 in., that sold for $41,125.00.

Other standout watercolors include works by George Louis Viavant (American/New Orleans, 1872-1925) such as "Nature Morte: Mallard Drake" (lot 425), sight 27 3/4 x 18 in., in a period frame, bringing $28,200.00 and the signed "Nature Morte: Duck" (lot 426), 1920, New Orleans, 29 1/4 x 21 in., for $41,125.00. William R. Hollingworth, Jr.’s (American/Mississippi, 1910-1944) signed "Loading Cotton" (lot 199), 16 x 22 3/4 in., achieved $8,812.50, while (lot 752) Alice Ravenel Huger Smith’s (American/Charleston, 1876-1958) signed watercolor on board, "Snowy Egrets in Flight", 21 1/8 x 15 5/8 in., realized $58,750.00.

Also, Anthony Meucci’s (Italian/American, active New Orleans 1818-1827) signed "General George Washington" (lot 300), gouache on paper affixed to wood panel, 1825, 16 3/4 x 14 1/4 in., brought $29,375.00. A notable bronze (lot 511), Henri Casselli’s (American/New Orleans, b. 1946) "Portrait of a Woman of Color", height 11 1/4 in., fetched $10,281.25. Another fine American oil painting was (lot 469) "Louisiana Landscape", signed by Meyer Straus (American, 1831-1905), 1892, 22 x 36 in., that achieved $75,250.00.

Strong prices were realized for books, prints, memorabilia, maps and documents. Two Audubon published books were offered: The Birds of America (lot 149), 1856, 2nd ed., 7 vol. 8vo, with 154 (of 155) lithographs plates after J.J. & J. W. Audubon (American, 1785-1851), Bowen, that sold for $50,525.00 and The Quadrupeds of North America (lot 150), 1854-1856, 3 vol. 8vo, Bowen, Nagel & Weingaertner, for $11,750.00. The individual prints after John James Audubon also excelled, including "Purple Heron or Reddish Egret" (lot 427), Havell Ed., 1835, watermarked "J. Whatman/1836", h. 25 in., w. 38 in., framed, that brought $23,500.00. The Currier and Ives Publishers’ hand-colored lithographs (lot 497), "High Water in the Mississippi" and "Low Water in the Mississippi" after F.E. Palmer, 1868, both sheets approx. 21 7/8 x 31 in., fetched $15,862.50. Lot 454, a rare map of a plan of the City and Suburbs of New Orleans, from an Actual 1815 Survey, by J. Tanesse, City Surveyor, and published by Charles del Vecchio and P. Maspero, New Orleans, 1817, engraved by Rollinson, h. 18 3/4 in., w. 31 in., framed, realized $17,625.00. A land grant on vellum signed by President Andrew Jackson in 1831 (lot 903) achieved $1,175.00. An autographed silver gelatin print of Louis Armstrong (lot 662), c. 1932, inscribed to Walter (Fats) Pichon, brought $3,877.50.

Silver generated competitive bidding. An antique Gorham Sterling Silver Racing Trophy (lot 153), 1874, fully marked, with a later presentation inscription, h. 12 in., approx. wgt. 103 troy ozs., 6 dwts., sold for $8,225.00. A Coin Silver Cann (lot 171), William Hackle, Baltimore, c. 1770, wgt. 8 troy ozs., 7 dwts., that was deaccessioned from The High Museum, Atlanta, GA, achieved $6,580.00; and an American Coin Silver Julep Cup (lot 212), Mead & Co., c. 1850, h. 3 3/8 in., wgt. 3 troy ozs., 18 dwts., realized $734.38. A rare George III Sterling Silver Tea Caddy (lot 220), c. 1786-87, Hester Bateman, London, h. 4 3/4 in., wgt. approx. 11 troy oz., 3 dwts., sold for $5,287.50, while a pair of Irish George III Silver Candlesticks (lot 925), c. 1775, Dublin, marked, h. 12 1/8 in., brought $8,268.75. Lot 541, an exceptionally fine and heavy French Empire First Standard Silver Sugar Bowl with Twelve Spoons, c. 1809, engraved, overall h. 12 1/4 in., fetched $6,168.75.

A group of 3 restored Shearwater Art Pottery Plates totaled almost $11,000.00, with lot 719, a plate with chicken decoration, c. 1940, dia. 10 3/16 in., bringing $3,818.75 and lot 720, a plate with fish decoration, c. 1940, dia. 10 1/16 in., selling for $5,206.25. A Shearwater Pottery Figural Bowl (lot 727), carved and decorated by Mac Anderson and thrown by Peter Anderson, 1981, signed & stamped, h. 4 1/4 in., dia. 7 1/4 in., achieved $3,760.00. The Newcomb College Art Pottery included lot 722, a large and rare High Glaze Vase, 1903, decorated by Marie De Hoa LeBlanc (active Newcomb 1898-1914) and thrown by Joseph Meyer, h. 16 1/2 in., realizing $22,325.00; and lot 730, a rare High Glaze Tyg, c. 1900-1901, decorated by Amelie Roman (active Newcomb 1896-1939) and thrown by Joseph Meyer, h. 6 1/4 in., fetching $22,325.00.

A rare Chinese Export Porcelain Tobacco Leaf Covered Tureen and Undertray (lot 574), late 18th c., realized $14,100.00; a group of Four Chinese Porcelain Figures of Immortals (lot 582), 19th c., with the tallest figure 25 1/4 in. tall, brought $10,106.25; and a fine and rare pair of Large Rose Medallion Baluster Vases (lot 622), 19th c., h. 24 1/2 in., achieved $3,818.75. An extensive group of late 18th c. Canton Blue and White Porcelain (lot 926), with approx. 32 pcs. total, fetched $6,756.25. Also, a pair of Vieux Paris Porcelain Vases (lot 637), c. 1845, in the manner of Jacob Petit, h. 18 1/2 in., sold for $1,837.50.

Various notable Southern-related decorative items included (lot 450) a fine and large 1857 New Orleans Needlepoint of George Washington, after Gilbert Stuart’s celebrated “Lansdowne Washington”, labeled and inscribed, h. 50 in., w. 42 in., in a giltwood frame, realizing $3,818.75; and a 1892 Louisiana State Fair “First Prize” Crazy Quilt (lot 521), signed by 4 artists (“JL”, “D”, “C”, “D”), Shreveport, with 1st prize tag, bringing $5,052.50. Lot 667, an Acadian Homespun Indigo and Mulberry Striped Blanket, c. 1900, approx. l. 86 in. and w. 74 in., that was exhibited in the mid-1980’s at the Louisiana State Museum Cabildo, achieved $1,410.00. A Palmetto Stem Choctaw Basket (lot 663), c. 1900, h. 17 1/2 in., fetched $1,880.00; while a mid-19th c. American Cast Iron Sugar Kettle (lot 670), signed Olden’s M. Co. Columbus, O.#30, with a Southwest Louisiana provenance, dia. 40 in., realized $3,818.75. Also, a large Confederate D-Guard Bowie Knife (lot 1124), c. 1863, overall length 23 3/8 in., sold for $7,343.75.

Other decorative items included a fine Palace Size Kashan Carpet (lot 137), c. 1925, 14 x 22 ft. 6 in., from a private Dallas Texas Estate, that achieved $12,925.00 and a fine pair of late 18th c. Federal Brass and Iron Andirons (lot 549), Philadelphia, h. 28 3/4 in., that realized $4,900.00. A fine 19th c. French Gilt and Patinated Bronze Figural Clock Garniture (lot 392) fetched $8,268.75; a mid-19th c. Prudent Mallard, New Orleans, Mahogany Cased Mantel Clock (lot 506) sold for $4,230.00; and an Aesthetic Gilt Bronze Volute Clock (lot 860), c. 1875, by E.F. Caldwell & Co., New York, brought $23,500.00.

Also, lot 558, a Patek Philippe 18 kt. Yellow Gold Pocket Watch, engraved “Pat. Jan 13, 1891, Made for M. Scooler, New Orleans, LA, serial #128681”, dia. 1 3/4 in., fetched $2,232.50.

Neal Auction Company’s Winter Estates Auction will be held February 18th and 19th, 2006. If you have further questions, please contact Katie Hovas (800.467.5329).

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